MirageCraft Pixelmon Community Rules

MirageCraft Pixelmon Community Rules

MirageCraft Server Rules

General Server Rules

1. Do not spam chat or commands.
2. Do not use explicit or insulting language.
3. Do not advertise or promote other servers.
4. No using of hacked clients, mods, auto-clickers, or other external software that give an unfair advantage.
5. No using of alt accounts to benefit yourself unfairly.
6. No griefing or stealing in claimed areas. If you don't claim your area, you're liable for all damages. To protect your belongings, claim your land using the land claim shovel!
7. No scamming, dishonesty, or any deceptive acts.
8. Do not abuse exploits or bugs in the game. Please report them on our Discord and you may get rewarded.
9. Do not build or use automated afk item or exp farms.
10. Do not try to circumvent rules or bypass chat filter.
11. GOLDEN RULE! RESPECT each and every one no matter what! Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.
If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space!

Rank Related Rules

Any form of in-game rank that is aquired via competition of any kind must be done so as a result of the players own actions, without any external assistance from other players, unless otherwise specified.
Purchased Ranks/Items are meant for the original purchaser only. You may not use them for other players. (For example, you may not sell or giveaway /repair to other players, or /hatch on other players eggs; in tandem, you also may not share items from kits with others.)

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    Dec 16, 2022
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About us

  • Love Pokémon and Minecraft, why not play both at the same time? MirageCraft is a server running the Pixelmon mod, which recreates the classic Pokémon games in a Minecraft world. You can catch, train, battle, trade, and breed over 898 Pokémon, all while building and crafting items in the style that has made Minecraft the most popular game on the planet. Choose a starter and journey across a wide open map, crafting poké balls to catch more for your team. Settle down and build the most impressive house you can imagine while training your Pokémon to take on gyms or other players! MirageCraft strives to create the experience of living in a Pokémon world.
    Established in 2013, MirageCraft is one of the best and well-known communities and Pixelmon servers out there! Enjoy frequent feature updates and planned events while you set on your Pokémon journey, aided by friendly staff and a player base that has become like a family. We offer free ranks earned through gameplay and encourage players to team up with others to become stronger! We’d love to have you join us!

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