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At the time of the competition participants will be assigned a water type pokémon to hunt and a ball type you must use to hunt with. You can hunt for this pokémon species anywhere you wish, but you must catch as many as possible and they MUST be caught via fishing rod! The more you catch, the more points you earn.
Please have empty PC Boxes ready for these pokémon to be sent to when you catch them!
You can only enter on one day! If you can't make it the day you choose to participate on you are free to re-register and try and make it to a different day. Keep in mind there are only 3 Days to choose from!

To sign up, you can do so through our event post on discord!


  • Lures are allowed.
  • Shards, Mirage Crystals, Honey, Perception Apples and Breeding are not allowed.
  • External Moves are NOT allowed unless stated before the start of the event. (This will be a case by case basis depending on the rarity of the target mon.)
  • You may NOT sabotage other participants.
  • All Pokémon must be your OT.
  • Help from other players (increasing spawns, holding mons, etc.) is NOT allowed. (You can ask for a tp to a biome at the very start of the Comp, but after that no.)
  • All Pokémon must be caught within the given time limit and assigned ball type in order to count.


  • Regular Pokémon: 5 points
  • HA Pokémon: +5 points
  • Shiny/Palette Pokémon: +5 points
(Any Pokémon you catch is 5 Points, and if it has an additional modifier (Shiny/Palette or HA) you will get an additional 5 points per modifier.)


1st: PokeAngler Rank, 1 Mirage Crystal, 1 Diamond Key, 2000 PokeCoins, 200 Universal Shards

2nd: PokeAngler Rank, 1 Platinum Key, 1000 PokeCoins, 150 Universal Shards

3rd: PokeAngler Rank, 1 Platinum Key, 1000 PokeCoins, 100 Universal Shards

All other Participants: 1 Silver Key, 800 PokeCoins
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